ACSR succeeded in applying a system of distance learning via the Internet for students of a university, to counter the spread of the new Corona virus "Covid-19", in compliance with the state's precautionary measures against the epidemic, in cooperation with the United Nations Volunteers Program

The university, in cooperation with the Arab Council for Social Responsibility, launched an electronic conference to prevent gatherings, for the purpose of scientific and medical awareness by faculty members, in the presence of a large number of university students. During the conference, the faculty members of the University’s College of Pharmacy raised awareness of how to tackle the new Corona virus and the need to adhere to the precautionary measures announced by the government, chief among which is the social divergence and non-mixing to avoid infection with the virus, in addition to issuing an instructional guide that includes questions and responding to them about the Corona virus The newbie. The Arab Council affirmed social responsibility in Egypt that the advancement of science and the development of scientific research are the main pillar in the face of the Corona virus, and also in shaping the future of nations and supporting the path of sustainable development and building a better future, which is in line with Egypt's 2030 strategy and vision.