Hayat Foundation for Sustainable Development, in cooperation with the ACSR and FUE, participated in providing support to the villages of segregation in Egypt, due to the new Corona virus in cooperation with the Good Makers Foundation, in implementation of the initiative of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

The Foundation, in coordination with the United Nations Volunteer and the United Nations for Immigration Affairs, also distributed food assistance to hundreds of families in several villages isolated by the Corona virus, including one of the villages of the Maghagha Center in Minya Governorate, and other areas in Bashtil, Osim and Kilo 4.5.

This food aid comes within the sustainable development plan of the institution and the Arab Council and the activities of social responsibility for the University of the Future, in light of the spread of the new Corona virus and its effects on the lives and incomes of citizens.


Dr. Randa Rizk, International Consultant for Social Responsibility, affirmed that Hayat Foundation continues to support the most needy, informal and caring families in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity.