Ambassador Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Head of the Social Affairs Sector, revealed that there are expectations for a different world after the end of the Corona virus epidemic "Covid-19" in the near future.

She stressed during a remote conference organized by the Arab Council for Social Responsibility, to discuss the future of the new world order after COVID 19, at the economic, social and technological levels, that the world will need some time to recover after Corona as well as the economy, in light of expectations that the virus will also reshape the world Once again, creating a different world highlighting social protection.

She explained that most of the research that studies the effects of Corona focused on the economic dimension and the economic effects of the virus, while a few of them focused on the results and social effects, stressing the need to pay attention to research on the social impact of this pandemic.

Ambassador Haifa Abu Azaleh emphasized that the social impact of the emerging corona virus is very large, especially women and children, in addition to the health and economic sectors, and their impact on the virus.

Haifa Abu Ghazaleh won the ESCWA Leadership Award, the 2007 UNIFEM Award for Exceptional Services, and the Women Leadership Award, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize for a thousand women for peace.

Participants in the symposium expressed their vision on how to build a path for the future taking into account the uncertainties caused by the outbreak of the virus, and how to mitigate the risks and related social and economic consequences.