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Haifa Abu Ghazaleh: The world neglects the social effects of "Corona"
ACSR Discusses the new world after "Covid-19"
Food aid to the villages of isolation in Egypt to meet Corona
ACSR activates the mechanisms of The e-learning and awareness

ACSR succeeded in applying a system of distance learning via the Internet for students of a university, to counter the spread of the new Corona virus "Covid-19", in compliance with the state's precautionary measures against the epidemic, in cooperation with the United Nations Volunteers Program

Distribution of food subsidies at the Polio Institute in 5 governorates
In coordination with the Ministry of Social Solidarity

Cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Cairo Governorate, Hayat Foundation for Sustainable Development, the Arab Council for Social Responsibility, and FUE participated in the state's initiative to support the most needy families

 The end of the Hayat League for School Students 2020
Student convoy to distribute blankets and clothes at Imbaba Polio Institute
FUE Students distribute blankets and clothes to the most needy villages in Ismailia